Wave Powered Desalination

Affordable water and energy for Everyone


BlueDesal's patent pending wave powered variable leverage pump (VLP) for seawater desalination will allow communities and organizations to affordably purify water for various uses including agriculture and human consumption.  VLP's significantly reduce the cost of desalinating water by also reducing the amount of energy needed in the process.


Wave powered desalination solves the energy problem associated with desalination. Small businesses and organizations in water intensive industries such as agriculture, recreation, hospitality, humanitarian relief, military and municipal operations will benefit from wave powered desalination structures that are not dependent on the traditional energy grid.


Variable Leverage Pumps (VLP’s) are modular and will help installations make progress toward NET ZERO ENERGY & WATER goals and increase both energy and water resilience by continuing to produce clean water 24X7X365 even during power failures.   Did you know that in the United States over twenty five percent of the energy consumed is consumed to transport and treat water?


Want to test one?  Email info@bluedesal for more information.  


Member RISE (Resilient Infrastructure and Secure Energy) & CReaTe ( Consortium for Rare Earth Technologies )



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