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Lack of potable water worldwide is leading to increased poverty, food insecurity and political turmoil.  BlueDesal's wave powered variable leverage pumps virtually eliminate the high cost of ongoing energy for desalination. 

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Just in California, agriculture consumes eighty percent of the developed water.  Agriculture includes not only crops like vegetables and fruits but also livestock.  In California this market was worth over US$30 billion in 2012. However without water, agriculture and the economy it supports are in trouble increasing food insecurity worldwide!

Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Beach Town


Is your water supply being limited? Are you located near a coast? Did you know that in Cape Town South Africa, during the last drought hotels like the Radisson Blu drilled bore holes straight into the ocean and installed basement desalination plants.  While this water is expensive as it relies on non-renewable energy, wave powered desalination units could do the same much more affordably.

Download the Water Report from the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.  


Are you stationed on an oil or gas platform that needs fresh water? Are you making cement?  Beer?  Or some other water intensive product?  Are you located near a coast?  Is your water allocation being reduced?  Are you concerned this will get significantly worse in the near future?

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Is your water supply stressed or in danger of not meeting demand? Modular wave powered desalination units allow you to ensure reliable access to this critical resource in an affordable and productive manner. Drilling for new wells does not always reach water.  Even when wells do reach water, they can deplete aquifers and create land subsidence issues.  Isn't it time to expand your water supply portfolio?

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