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Do you need water?

We are surrounded by water and yet lack of potable water is leading to increased poverty, food insecurity and political turmoil!

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STILL DEPENDING ON THE WEATHER FOR YOUR WATER? BlueDesal's patent pending wave powered variable leverage pump (VLP) for seawater desalination allows communities and organizations to affordably desalinate water. Agriculture, water intensive industries, hospitality, humanitarian missions, municipalities; basically animals, plants and people require water to exist and thrive.  VLP's significantly reduce the cost of desalinating water by using the renewable and predictable energy generated by waves.  Think of it as wind power or hydraulic power that is not dependent on the traditional energy grid.

Variable Leverage Pumps (VLP’s) are portable, modular and will help installations make progress toward UN Sustainability Goals  by increasing resilience and continuing to produce clean local water 24X7X365 even during power failures.   

For priority delivery get on the waiting list today!

Email info@bluedesal for more information.  

Member GreenTech Alliance, RISE (Resilient Infrastructure and Secure Energy), CREaTe (Consortium for Rare Earth Technologies) & NAWI (National Association of Water Innovation)

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