Welcome to BlueDesal and our Patent Pending VLP (variable leverage pump) Technology

BlueDesal's wave powered pump for seawater desalination will allow communities and organizations to affordably purify water for various uses including agriculture and human consumption.  Reducing the cost of water but also reducing the amount of energy needed. Desalination plants have a number of problems including being extremely costly.  This means they are not viable solutions for smaller communities and organizations.  In addition, being fossil fuel dependent adds significant ongoing costs to the production of desal water and increases the impacts to climate change.   Did you know that in the United States over twenty five percent of the energy needed is to transport and treat water? If instead of looking to fossil fuels and electricity to power desalination plants we look at an ocean shoreline and observe the large energetic waves crashing on the shores, we can harness the power of these waves through our patent pending VLP (variable leverage pump) to produce desal water for a